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AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost thinks Red Bull would not wish to release Pierre Gasly without a fight if other teams came calling, since Gasly is currently quite successful and to lose him would not be a welcome move for RedBull. Tost believes that if Gasly is to fulfil his potential and become a World Champion, Red Bull will want it to be with them rather than a rival.

This statement is a bit odd, considering RedBull is currently focused on Max Verstappen, believing he is their great hope for the present and future. Gasly, who raced for RedBull for a brief period was replaced by Alex Albon in a short time period. He however re-established his reputation as a rising star last year with a series of strong results for AlphaTauri, paired with an emotional first F1 victory during the  Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

some speculation has linked Gasly with a future move to Renault’s rebranded Alpine team, paddock whispers having suggested a fight or disagreement between the driver and Red Bull bigwig Dr Helmut Marko, who is a major part of the brand. But, Tost has predicted that if the 24-year-old continues his fine form, Red Bull will not want him to go elsewhere while he can deliver victories and even a Championship.

“If a driver is competitive like Pierre then yes, of course, other teams will ask about the contractual details,” Tost told Autosport. “They will want to know eventually when a driver is available. “But he has a Red Bull contract and I don’t think Red Bull will give him free at such an early stage.

“They invested a lot of money to build him up and sooner or later, they want to get his fruits back and good results with him – win races and also Championships. We’ll see.” “He is now an experienced driver and a successful driver as well,” Tost said of Gasly. “Any team always is oriented and concentrated on a successful driver.

“What does this mean? The team listens to the technical feedback of the driver and of course as a result of this, the new design of the car [is influenced]. “Let me say it this way – the designers and engineers, they keep the consideration of all technical feedback from such a good driver that they make next year’s car even better, Tost added. “This car then fits with the driving style of this driver and to make the car simply faster. That’s the normal way.”

What are your thoughts regarding these statements? Do you think, if the situation were to happen, RedBull would let Gasly go? Let us know in the comments below.

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