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Okinawa Autotech has witnessed a 30% increase in sales over the last quarter. The company has got a boost due to the growing fuel prices in India. Besides that, Okinawa is also receiving a good amount of inquiries. So this is a post on Okinawa sees a 30% boost in sale of electric scooters because of Petrol price hike.

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Commenting on this, Mr. Jeetender Sharma, MD & Founder, Okinawa Autotech said, “The EV sector in India is rapidly growing since the last three years as both the central and state governments have been taking many initiatives to promote the adoption of Electric vehicles. The recent hike in fuel prices has further pushed consumers to look for alternate options such as electric vehicles. We as a company have witnessed the hike and aim to provide the electric vehicles that are at par with the ICE engine.”

With the prices of petrol going closer to Rs 100 per litre, the demand for electric two-wheelers has been boosted. People are becoming more aware of Electric-two-wheelers and are also taking the responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint, and as a result, the sale of Okinawa products have increased in India and the company is growing at a pace of 35% to 40% this year in the sale of Electric-vehicles. Okinawa has also emerged as one of the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers who sold the second-highest no. of high-speed electric scooters in 2020.

Currently, the company has six electric scooters in its lineup in the price range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.14 lakh. These are a number of vehicles which include Li-ion Slow Speed & Li-ion High-Speed Scooters. In the low-speed range, they also offer 3 products namely Okinawa R30, Okinawa Lite, and Okinawa Dual. Whereas, the 3 high-speed products are Okinawa Ridge+, Okinawa Praise Pro, and Okinawa iPraise+. This year, the brand could also be launching 2 more new high-speed Electric two-wheelers.

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