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NHAI had announced that its daily toll collection through FASTag has reached about Rs 104 crore. The mandatory FASTag is one of the main reasons for this growth. 

Commenting on this, NHAI said, “The toll collection during this week has been more than Rs 100 crore daily. On 25.02.2021, the toll collection through FASTag reached the highest ever mark of Rs 103.94 crore with over 64.5 lakh daily transactions,” 

Addiontially the implementation of FASTag has also reduced the waiting time at National Highways Toll Tax. This smooth implementation has even made the growth of 20% when it comes to toll collection and 27% when in terms of collection of user fees through FASTag.

NHAI also said that FASTag has been well supported by the highway users as approximately 20 lakh new FASTag users have been added during the last two weeks. That takes the total FASTag collection to more than 2.8 crores.

Well with that said, do let us know your opinions on FASTag reaching a record of Rs 104 crore, by dropping a comment down below.


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