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The third edition of the Ford Cartesy Survey is analyzing the attitude and the behavior of all road users. And has categorized them into four distinct personality types, which includes: Oblivious, Assured, Pretentious & Idealist.

Commenting on this, Vinay Raina, executive director – Marketing, Sales & Service at Ford India said, “At Ford, we not only offer enhanced safety in our vehicles but believe that small changes we make in our attitude and behavior go a long way in ensuring that our roads become safer,” He further adds, “The Ford Courtesy survey in its third year is not a critique of users, road infrastructure or enforcement authorities but highlights how ‘mindfulness’ demonstrated by every single citizen can help makes roads a safer and saner place.”

Some of the Revelations from the Ford Cartesy Survey highlight are mentioned below-

Lack of Knowledge About Traffic Rules: Most respondents with driving license feigned ignorance of basic traffic rules. Only one in 10 respondents attributed the lack of knowledge about rules as a potential risk to road safety. In a 31-question simulation of traffic rules, less than a third (27%) scored over 40% and an abysmally low 6% of them got more than 50% answers right

Mobile Phone A Real Distraction: While 1 in 3 respondents feel the traffic situation in their city varies between very bad to extremely bad, 97% think ‘Distracted Driving’ (due to use of the mobile phone) and 81% think ‘Aggressive Driving’ are the top causes of accidents in the country

Moment of Truth: On average, nearly half of the commuters admitted to not displaying ideal behavior that adheres to Compliance, Caution, and Compassion. Distracted driving comes up as the most deviant behavior to Compliance, with 58% of respondents admitting to talking on the phone while driving, 63% finding it ok to seat their kids in the front row, and 58% drive even when they are feeling sleepy

Genuine Compassion Is Still A Long Way: 53% of respondents confessed they don’t always make way for emergency vehicles like an ambulance or fire truck. While, 57% do not mind throwing eatables, empty wrappers, and fruit peels on the road.

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