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Ahead of the 2019 season, Rich Energy became Haas’ first-ever title sponsor in Formula 1, but their multi-year agreement lasted just months after continued behind-the-scenes turmoil between the two parties led to them parting ways in September 2019. This had major implications to the images of both companies in what some called a sudden divorce.

But now, William Storey has claimed in a video posted on social media that Rich Energy is coming back to Formula 1 after leading “a renaissance” of the brand.

“I would like to thank the thousands of motorsport fans who have contacted us who are as excited as we are about the black and gold of Rich Energy returning to Formula 1,” Storey said.“As you know, in 2018, I signed a deal for Rich Energy to become the title sponsor of Haas and in 2019 Rich Energy Haas Formula 1 team competed with Ferrari engines.


“That includes for example Alvaro Bautista, the Spanish World Superbike superstar. We have James Hillier, the TT legend, racing for Rich Energy in the Dakar Rally and we have, among others, Davo Johnson, the Australian TT winner, representing Rich Energy in road racing.

“We’re very, very excited about coming back to Formula 1 and we look forward to really being very competitive in the pinnacle of motorsport. “I thank all the supporters for their interest in what we are doing.”

Do note, it is unclear at this point who Rich Energy is partnering with, but, it is safe to assume after all the headlines, it is probably not going to be Haas.

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