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The newly designed and re-engineered Uber rider’ app is now available for one and all in India and around the globe, across Android and iOS platforms. This update brings faster, smarter and more personalised experience. This is for the first time in 5 years that the Rider app has been rebuilt from the scratch.

Here are the key factors that makes the new app a better experience –

  • Much faster app and a new design
  • Comprehensive vehicle options along with upfront pricing view
  • Reduced ETA thank to Smarter pickups
  • Personalised shortcuts

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The new app offers of features like –

  1. Destination first
  2. Shortcuts
  3. Saved places
  4. Rider ratings
  5. Pickup experience
  6. Calendar integration
  7. Choose the car & compare upfront fare
  8. On-trip integrations
  9. Schedule a ride
  10. Request a ride for others
  11. Split fare
  12. Share trip details
  13. Choose payment mode 

The new rider app which has been developed using a completely new architecture, also opens up a plethora of possibilities for improving the new rider feed, as well expanding this to the driver app, and even building for the future.

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So which country are you from and what Taxi service do you use, do let us know in the comments section below or tweet to us?

I personally prefer using Uber over Ola when I’m in India. But when I’m in the US, I keep juggling between Uber, Juno and Lyft depending on which state I am in. And, in the UK it’s the black cab first and Uber later, just because of the nostalgia value 🙂


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