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While the presence of Indians in professional motorsports is scarce globally, we think it is not because of any shortage in skill. If we were a serious website, we would delve into the depths of socio economic framework of the country to explore what hinders talented Indians from pursuing motorsports, but we are not. Hence, here is why we think the average India (driver) will be brilliant at Formula 1.

1. Everyone follows the race-line at corners

Lane driving is for bitchez, Indian drivers take the race line. Always. Corner exits are invariably dealt with full throttle. The way Indian cabbies drift from the inside lane to the outside, in order to maintain speeds during a turn, it almost seems like they are in the final laps trying to maintain pole position.


2. No dirth of exceptional pit crew

We have some cities and areas (in)famous for harbouring amazingly talented professionals who can make wheels vanish from parked cars in seconds, while using only bricks as jacks and a single wrench. All we need is a Nick Fury to assemble these individuals with exceptional skills and build an F1 pit crew.  The only trouble might be in getting this motley crew to put new tires back onto the car instead of running away with the ones they take off.

3. Radio chatter < Parental guidance

Every F1 season, we observe instances of drivers getting annoyed or having unpleasant exchanges with the team over the in-car radio while receiving instructions. That would never be a problem with Indian drivers. Even when we are learning to drive, we usually have a parent/relative in the car who tries to micro-manage every 15 degree turn of your steering wheel while pointing out the obvious cow crossing the road. Indian drivers would not let radio-ed instructions mess up their concentration.

4. DRS Zone Leverage

While DRS zones may be a fairly new concept to Formula 1, it’s not new to us Indian drivers. It is second instinct for us to be tailgating the car in front till we approach a flyover, and put the pedal to the metal to overtake.

5. Qualifying races don’t mean shit

Who said you have to stay at the back of the grid just because that is where you belong.

Starting at the back of the grid and ending on front is the Indian drivers’ daily bread. How? They have honed their skills by squeezing through gaps and climbing onto footpaths to jump queues of cars at traffic signals.

These were just the first 5 reasons we could think of at a first glance, we are sure you can come up with more observations to justify why Indians definitely have an advantage at Formula 1 racing. Tell us in the comments below.



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