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In recent times, Mercedes has been focusing a lot on the SUVs as, according to Mercedes, young buyers prefer SUVs over sedans. “The new (set of) customers are all coming into SUVs, whereas the traditional luxury customers still prefer sedans,” says Santosh Iyer, vice president, sales and marketing, Mercedes-Benz India. “Traditionally, the profile of customers which we have got for the S-Class Maybach consists of leaders of big business houses,” he added.

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“For the GLS Maybach, we see a big affinity, right from Bollywood to cricket and sports, with a lot of young guys. I think it’s just because of the SUV and Maybach combination. So it’s not the S-Class Maybach set of customers. It’s a very different profile with different needs.”

There have been reports that 50+ units of the super-luxury SUV, which were pre-specced by Mercedes and brought into the nation, have effectively been represented. He added that another arrangement of clients is now designing vehicles for conveyance one year from now.

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