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Ather is said to be working on an affordable E-Scooter. This was expected after Ola Electric and Simple Energy introduced their new cheaper Electric scooters. Not only do the Ola S1 and Simple One promise to offer better features and specifications, they also undercut Ather’s most affordable product, the 450 Plus. 

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According to Autocar Professional, upon asking this to Ather’s chief business officer, Ravneet Phokela she said, “We are already working on a product that will come at a price point lower than the 450 Plus; it will start playing in the same kind of price band like the others (read Ola and Simple). That’s a few months away, and you understand that the decision to roll out a product takes 18-24 months. It is not a knee-jerk reaction. The idea is to consolidate the scooter market, unlocking more segments than we do today, by way of price points and importantly in new states. It’s a journey to keep adding products as we go along because we have our own platform and very strong control of costs. And when you have strong control on costs, then you have control on pricing.”

It is expected that Ather would be using the existing 450 platforms for the future Scooters, but would price the newer models much cheaper for better competition.

Furthermore, considering how much the Plus costs, it’s quite possible that the new Ather e-scooter will be priced under Rs 1 lakh, thus making it more affordable than the Ola S1 Rs 99,999 and Simple One Rs 1,09,999. We can’t really say much until Ather themselves reveal more about cheaper Scooters in the coming months.

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