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SMOOVE and ZOOV unveil Fusion with long-term leasing options. According to both brands, it is the first connected electric bike designed for both self-service and long-term leasing. The Early-bird registration is open for users that want to take advantage of this new electric bike subscription in Bordeaux, an area in which Zoov has been operating self-service electric bikes since 2019.

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The key to the mass adoption of cycling lies in a city’s ability to offer their citizens equitable access to efficient active mobility services that are always available, whatever the time, place and need. Smoove and Zoov intend to support cities and their elected officials in their mobility transformation, for the benefit of the lives of their inhabitants” – Benoît Yameundjeu, CEO of Smoove.

Both Smoove and Zoov are advocating the implementation of Augmented Bike Networks that connect entire cities, and are interlaced with public transport to facilitate multimodal journeys. The makers claim that bikes can be rented on an ad hoc basis or can be privatized at any time for more frequent use. With this in mind, the group is unveiling the first self-service electric bike that is perfectly suited for long-term rental.

Fusion has a 65-kilometer range and, when being operated in self-service, can be recharged through the world’s most compact charging station. Each station accommodates up to 10 bikes, locked together with electromagnets – which also allows for the transfer of energy from one bike to the next. For long-term rental, the removable battery is secured by an electronic lock, giving the user the freedom to recharge when necessary and total peace of mind when leaving the battery on the bike. The custom-designed luggage rack ensures comfortable home-to-work journeys, and can also accommodate a baby seat.

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