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Ford shares Tips on maintaining your Car during the Lockdown. Ford has officially released a press release that shares some tips on how can someone maintain their car during the lockdown. Due to the Pandemic, it has really become hard for everyone to maintain their car, as service centres are closed. But Ford says that, if one uses these tips, it would help them properly maintain their car. 

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The first tip that they share is to PARK IN A CAR SHED OR USE A CAR COVER. When the car has to stand for a longer time, park it under a shed to keep it safer and cleaner. If you don’t have a shed with you then, then investing in a quality cover would be great as it would keep the car from rusting and fading under the sun. CHECK THE TYRE PRESSURE, it is a good practice as maintaining smooth contact between the vehicle and the road, the car tyres cannot be over or under-inflated. If the car is idle for a longer period, the pressure in the tyres tends to reduce. Hence, it’s important to check the tyre pressure regularly, especially during the lockdown. DON’T ENGAGE THE HANDBRAKE, PARK THE CAR IN GEAR, while parking the vehicle for a long time, find level ground and avoid engaging the handbrake as rust might form at the point of contact between the brake pads and the disc/drum, causing it to jam. Alternatively, be smart and use wheel chocks to keep it from rolling and leave the car in first gear. 

FILL UP THE FUEL TANK, One of the major problems of leaving a car unused is rusting on the inside of the fuel tank. Low fuel level might also allow condensation to develop in an empty tank, inviting corrosion. So, fill the car with fuel and ensure the tank is sealed properly as well. DISCONNECT THE BATTERY, Removing the battery if the car won’t be used for a long time is a good idea. Greasing the terminals and the wire ends prevents rusting. CHANGE ENGINE OIL AT REGULAR INTERVAL, A car’s health is majorly determined by its engine oil’s quality and integrity, which keeps all moving parts well lubricated and traps out all the dust dirt and sediments keeping the wear and tear minimal. 
In the end, they also say to KEEP THE INTERIOR CLEAN, as it is important to keep the interior of the car clean. Cleaning the interior is easy too as they would need to start the car every fourth or fifth day and start the AC and the blower – this helps in removing the dust or other particles present in the cabin. 

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