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The new BH series or Bharat series registration for vehicles was introduced in India on August 28, 2021, while the registrations for the same commenced on 15th September last year. The BH series number plate has been introduced for selected people as of now, but they can turn out to be a major boon while relocating from one state to another. But, what exactly is the BH (Bharat) series registration for vehicles, and how to get it? Well, in this article, we have explained just that!

What is the BH (Bharat) series number plate?

The BH (Bharat) series registration of vehicles has been introduced so that people can use one public car in several states without any hassle. The format of the BH series number plate is YY BH #### XX. In this case, YY stands for the year of registration of the vehicle while BH represents Bharat. This is followed by four randomly generated numbers between 0000 and 9999, and a series of alphabets, ranging from AA to ZZ. 

What is BH Bharat series number plate

Who can apply for it?

The main drawback of the BH (Bharat) series registration is that not everyone can apply for the same. Only the employees of the central and state governments, PSU employees along defense personnel are eligible to apply for it. In the private sector, an employee of a company that has offices in at least four states/UTs is eligible to get the BH number on a voluntary basis. 

How to get BH (Bharat) series number plate?

If you are eligible to get the BH (Bharat) series number plate, the application process for the same is fairly simple. One can log on to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) Vahan portal and apply for it. It can be done at the dealership level too while purchasing a new car. The dealer will have to fill up Form 20 available on the Vahan portal on behalf of the owner. The private sector employees will have to fill up Form 60 too and share their employment ID & working certificate.

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