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Gogoro Viva electric scooter registered in India. They have also partnered with Hero MotoCorp, and have finally been registered as the Gogoro Viva in India.

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It is a youth-oriented scooter and it comes with an unpredictable plan and lively tones. The bike gets an LCD instrument board with a cell phone network, with regards to the requirements of the present age. Gogoro has enrolled the EV in India and could be essential for the setup that the Gogoro-Hero MotoCorp association is required to concoct in the years to come.

The Gogoro Viva is powered by a hub-mounted 3kW electric motor. The company says that its integrated motor and controller system means less exposure and easy maintenance. It would be available in two variants, the basic and premium version. The basic version’s electric motor produces 85Nm while the premium variant’s motor makes 115Nm. Also, it has got two ride modes, which are the Normal and Superboost mode. The claimed range is 85km at 30kmph and one can swap the battery in 60 seconds at Gogoro’s battery swapping stations.

As for the case, it is a lightweight one and scales at 80kg, with a battery pack included. The measurements are minimized too and with a 740mm seat tallness, it is very accessible. The little measurements don’t come at the expense of boot space and the bike has a moderately liberal 21.6 litres on offer. As far as suspension parts, the EV has an adaptive front fork, twin back safeguards. Slowing down is dealt with by a front and backplate with a Synchronized Braking System or SBS.

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