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We all have high hopes at the time of buying a new vehicle. And if the vehicle was to be a Mercedes-Benz make, excitement gets added to the expectations. After all the feelings settle down and you start to think about it, how much distance do you intend to rack up in your vehicle’s trip meter over its lifetime?

Whatever might be the number that you came up with in your head, forget it. Why? Probably because you can never beat a million kms. And in case you think that is just a made up number, a recent tweet will make you believe the unbelievable.

A 7 year old Mercedes-Benz E class in Singapore has covered a whopping 1 million (10 lakh) kms in travel. Twitter user Mark Verbloot recently posted a picture of his car’s trip-meter along with the caption “How’s this for some serious usage?”

Mark explained that his drivers make multiple trips to and from the Singapore airport, clocking nearly 700 kms per day. He specified the model to be W212.

The over 10 lakh kms covered by Mark’s old E class is just as much a testimony to the car’s make as it is for Mark. Mercedes-Benz was pleased to know of this as a mark of reliability of its vehicles over their lifetime. It replied through its official Twitter handle “Absolute goals! 😍 Congratulations! 👏 We wish you many more years of stunning performance.”

Twitterati has been in a frenzy looking at the image. People even joked about the fact that the guy was able to rack up 10 lakh kms within Singapore, a country limited in size. Whatever the case maybe, Mark (or his drivers) certainly has been on the Singapore roads a lot.


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