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Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its plans to go completely electric, by saying that it intends to be net-zero. On carbon emissions by 2039 and has joined the global race that assures the rollout of clean-energy vehicles.

There was an interesting quote mentioned as well, which said “Collaborations and knowledge-sharing with industry leaders, in particular from within the wider Tata Group will allow the company to explore potential synergies on clean energy, connected services, data and software development leadership.”

According to some reports, it is confirmed that Land Rover will add six electric variants in the following five years. And also the future Jaguar models will be built exclusively on an electric architecture, Jaguar said. Further adding, that the first all-electric variant of Land Rover will debut in 2024.

A few days back, we also saw the announcement of Tesla coming to India. And also on how will set up a manufacturing plant in Karnataka, as per Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa. More information on the same can be found from here

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