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The 2021 Maserati Ghibli has been launched in India, with the price of the car starting from Rs 1.15 crore for the new Ghibli Hybrid and it goes up to Rs 1.93 crore for the high-performance Trofeo. For the first time, Maserati is offering the Ghibli with a V8 engine and consequently, the Ghibli hybrid is also their first hybrid model.

Some highlights of this launch are, that the entry-level Ghibli Hybrid is introduced in three variants which are, Base, GranLusso, and GranSport. The Ghibli Hybrid also gets a unique blue highlight, inside and out as well. Also, the top-spec Ghibli Trofeo comes with a 580hp V8 engine.

Coming to the actual car now, starting with the cosmetics, the 2021 Ghibli receives tweaks to the front grille and tail-lights. The Ghibli Hybrid is further different from itself with blue highlights on surfaces such as the side vents on the front fenders, brake calipers, and the Seatta logo on the C-pillar. Inside, the blue highlights come in the form of contrast stitching.

Talking about Trofeo on the other hand, features red highlights on the exterior and interior along with getting a revised grille, tweaks to the bumpers, and vents on the bonnet.

For the inside of the car now, it is where we see one of the biggest changes. The center touchscreen is upgraded from an 8.4-inch unit to a higher resolution 10.1-inch unit with a new interface as well. Maserati is also offering its Maserati Connect connected technology with the updated system allowing the owner to remotely control in-car functions with just their smartphones and even via Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistant. 

Coming to the price of the new 2021 Maserati Ghibli models, it starts at Rs. 1.15 crore and can go up to a whopping 1.93 crores. Here is a list of all the models and their prices-

Ghibli Hybrid Base – Rs. 1,15,40,175
Ghibli Hybrid GranLusso – Rs. 1,42,42,054
Ghibli Hybrid GranSport – Rs. 1,38,57,411
Ghibli V6 GranLusso – Rs. 1,55,71,598
Ghibli V6 GranSport – Rs. 1,51,86,144
Ghibli V8 Trofeo – Rs. 1,93,17,324


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