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Earth Energy has launched its 3 electric two-wheelers GLYDE +, EVOLVE R & EVOLVE X in the Indian market during a Virtual Event. The brand has distributed the EV industry by launching these new electric two-wheelers.

Commenting on the Launch, Mr. Rushi S., CEO & Founder, Earth Energy EV says, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first range of electric two-Wheelers. The EV industry in India is emerging on account of various factors such as the growing awareness toward the environment, increasing petrol prices, and stringent emission norms, etc. We feel that the consumption of electric vehicles will go up now than ever.”

Coming to the actual products launched by the brands themselves, the first product launched by them is the Earth Energy Glyde+. This electric two-wheeler is powered by a 2.4W electric motor that offers a top speed of 60km/h, hence it can compete with petrol scooters with its sporty looks providing you space, agility, and comfort. The brand also states that the design inspiration for this product is taken from Eagles.

The second product launched by the brand is, Evolve Z. The Evolve Z comes with a very sporty vibe and it supports a 96 AH/ Li-ion Battery. It can go with about a range of 100km and 15 degrees of grade ability. The design inspiration for this two-wheeler is taken from a Diamond.

Last but not the least, the brand has also launched another two-wheeler, the Evolve R. The Evolve R offers very dominant looks when it hits the roads, it can be charged completely in just about 40 minutes with its fast charge facility. And the max it can go up to is 110 km at full charge. The design inspiration of this product comes from an Arrowhead.

Now, for the price for each and every product. Earth Energy has priced the Glyde+ at a price of INR 92,000. Coming to the Evolve Z, it is priced at INR 1,30,000, and the Evolve R comes at a price of INR 1,42,000.

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