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“Aston Martin made a mistake when signing him”- Former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan said sticking with Sergio Perez was better. in comparison to Vettel. Sebastian Vettel in 2020 was a key aspect of the Formula 1 paddock shuffle, as he left Ferrari and ended up in Aston Martin, leading to Carlos Sainz replacing him at Ferrari, moving Daniel Ricciardo to Mclaren, Sergio Perez to Red Bul and Alex Albon to the reserved seat/DTM.

Former Formula 1 team Jordan’s boss Eddie Jordan says however that it is a mistake to hire Vettel in place of Perez, who gave incredible performances throughout the 2020 season.

“ I love that he went there, but Aston Martin made a mistake signing him. Vettel’s last two seasons against Leclerc have been a bit bad. I don’t know why it seemed to go so bad, since he won four world titles before.” said Jordan to “I think he is in the descending phase of his career. In any case, I would have stayed with Pérez earlier” he added.

Talking about his teammate Lance Stroll, the former F1 boss said: “Lance is anyone’s guess, you never know how he’s going to go. Sometimes he drives well and sometimes he drives very badly. It is far from constant.”

Commenting on the reason for this statement, he was heard saying: “With Pérez they have gotten a first-rate driver. Nobody thinks he will be as fast as Verstappen, but he is a great driver who, especially in the race, will do what the team asks of him, which is to be close enough to Max to be able to put pressure on Mercedes with two cars.”

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