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Harman, the company owned by Samsung Electronics announced on Friday it’s new software agent, dubbed Harman Turbo Connect (TBOT), which is an intelligent software aid that mitigates vehicle connectivity and the discrepancies that come alongside it.

The newest solution in the company’s portfolio, Harman’sTBOT satisfies the current demand for high-speed connectivity coupled with reduced latency, especially when used alongside 5G-enabled technologies like Harman’s Smart Conformal Antenna and fully 5G and 5G-ready Telecommunications Control Units.

As consumer expectations for connectivity are on the rise, auto manufacturers have had both the responsibility and an opportunity to capture one’s attention with incredible vehicle experiences. However, there are some limitations such as latency, bandwidth and rapid technology evolutions, which make maintaining the pace challenging. As a result, according to Harman, the in-vehicle consumer experience is at risk of lacking the needed connectivity for long-term operation. With the 5G-ready TCU and TBOT, Harman will provide its automaker customers with a nimble way to adapt to ever-evolving and growing experiences.

Vishnu Sundaram, Senior Vice-President, Harman Telematics said: A foundational element of all modern cars on the road today is, of course, connectivity,”

“By introducing TBOT into vehicles, we are able to anticipate poor or congested connectivity, thereby mitigating any streaming or latency issues before the driver or passenger even observes a problem. Music streaming can go uninterrupted, navigation functions can continue, and conference calls can be held, even in areas of poor network service.”

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Harman says its TBOT is one of many enhancements enabled by 5G connectivity, which will increase the in-vehicle communications speed and lowers latency across the spectrum. The supplier’s 5G-enabled telematics suite includes its 5G-ready TCU, which can provide  network connectivity for connected cars using either 4G or 5G

For some context, Harman also offers a 5G-ready multi-band conformal antenna as an optional feature for its TCUs, for those interested in the same. Harman’s conformal antenna is the right option as some cars are configured with many radio services, each of them requiring a dedicated antenna.

The antenna is mounted below the body’s surface which does not hamper the aesthetics and aids in more efficient aerodynamic capabilities. Used in place of familiar “shark fin” antennas which first appeared in the early part of the 21st century, the conformal antenna package also gives vehicle designers a clean surface to design for the future.

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