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Mercedes Benz C-Class long-wheelbase unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show. This new C-Class is based on the latest W206 model that Mercedes had unveiled recently.

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For the changes in the interior, aside from longer back entryways. The extended C-Class gets a jazzy L identification on the C column. This will be indicating the extraordinary body style and gets the hood decoration in certain variations as well. Mercedes-Benz will likewise sell the C-Class long wheelbase with a sportier grille plan, like the standard vehicle.

For the outside, The extended C-Class has an 89mm longer wheelbase than the standard W206. This makes it 4,882mm long, addressing a comprehensive length increment of around 131mm over the standard vehicle.

The powertrain options, the C 200L will come with a 168hp 1.5-litre petroleum motor and the more costly C 260 L will accompany a 201hp form combined with gentle cross breed tech. Both motors will be mated to a 9-speed programmed gearbox.

The dashboard design and front seats appear to be continued from the standard vehicle. The subsequent column, nonetheless, improves the seating plan, a more extensive armrest with worked in cupholders and devoted USB ports. Furthermore, the model sold in China has a more stable stifling material and a milder suspension for added traveller solace.

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