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Why Amkette 4 Port Family Car Charger is a must have car accessory in today’s time

In today’s world, it is absolutely safe to say that most of the time is spent in cars rather than at home. More than half of the work is done on the smartphones. Well, it is always a problem when the phones aren’t charged and you are sitting on the backseat of the car. The issue is a real one. To save you and your phone from dying, here is the cue. Get yourselves the Amkette 4 port charger. It is the accessory that is worth paying for.

Amkette 4 Port Front and Back Seat 9.6A Car Charger (Black)

A must accessory in today’s time

Consisting of 4 USB ports, two for the front and the rest for the back, this family car charger can charge even the heaviest of the devices rapidly. It is very carefully designed and ensures that regardless of the seat that you are sitting on, you get access to the charging port to not only charge the phone but use it as well. It has a very long port which allows the back-seaters to take the advantage of it.

Buy Amkette 4 Port Front and Back Seat 9.6A Car Charger

The port is about 3 metres long which gives you the leverage of sticking it anywhere in the car. Yes, you heard me right. Stick it anywhere means that the plastic clip is detachable. It is of no risk to the device due to the quality of the plastic used in making it.

Review Amkette 4 Port Front and Back Seat 9.6A Car Charger

The speed at which it charges the device is unbeatable and unmatchable. The Amkette 4 port charger is very essential in today’s time as no matter where you are travelling and for how long, you always would want to keep your phone’s battery up to date. Not only with its characteristics but also with its looks, the charger never fails to impress. The matte finish is all set to lure the buyers.

Price Amkette 4 Port Front and Back Seat 9.6A Car Charger

No less than a life saver, the family car charger is all set to rescue you and your family. To make the trip and the car drive smooth and easy going, you definitely need this car accessory. The amazing features make it more worthy at the price of only 2,299 1,997 available exclusively on

Buy online Price Amkette 4 Port Front and Back Seat 9.6A Car Charger

No more fights for the charger and for the front seat, get this Amkette 4 port family car charger and change the life!

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