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The world of auto faced massive challenges because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which also caused a period in 2020 where auto sales were down to 0 units. The market has been recovering since the lockdown was lifted, but, the situation still remains grim in comparison to times before the Covid crisis. That being said, the two-wheeler segment has seen a slight boom, owing to people spending on bikes to go from place to place rather than buying a new car in 2020 and 2021, since we are not doing long distance travels any time soon. This seems to have caught the attention of Piaggio.

This is evident in a recent conversation that has grabbed some eyeballs. In a recent interaction with Autocar Professional,Diego Graffi, MD and CEO, Piaggio Vehicles, said that the company is “starting with a completely new product portfolio for two-wheelers because we see more demand and interest for products between 150cc and 300cc in India.

“Our plan is to make a motorcycle in India and make it suitable not only for the Indian market but also for the global market. But this will definitely take some time – a brand-new motorcycle by 2022-23.” He added.

While he could not share a fixed deadline, he was quite calm and was not in a rush. He stated “Yes, it is true that the market (300-500cc) is growing and it will continue to grow very fast, but we want to be ready with the right products in that category. We want to be there with something which is not there in the market currently and want to bring the right product”

Whenever Piaggio does begin sharing more details, you can be sure we will be keen on sharing the details. We hope that Piaggio does launch the bike that they have in the pipeline soon enough and make it competitive so as to stir up the two-wheeler segment.

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