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Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff on Saturday talked about how he was impressed by Rookie driver George Russell, back when he walked into his office at the young age of 15, all because of a PowerPoint presentation that the racer made for the Team Principal.

The 22-year-old British Racer is likely to become a full-time Formula One Mercedes driver as, although he remains ‘on loan’ at Williams for 2021, he has a lengthy legal contract under the management of the German manufacturer’s team principal and co-owner Wolff, which means he is as much a part of Mercedes as he is of Williams.

Toto recalled the day he was first impressed by Russell when he was wearing a sharp business suit rather than a race suit. He told Sky Germany, “I’ve had his contract since he was 15 years old,”

“He notified me via e-mail that he was in need of advice, told me he had previously won the British karting championship and just become British Formula 4 champion. “He came to my office, all alone in a black suit with a black tie – it must have been his communion suit because it was a bit tight – and a PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation, he listed every reason why he could be a successful Mercedes driver in the future. Toto Wolff added.

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“Russell also had a question. He wanted to race with Carlin in Formula 3 and asked if it was a no-go for me because they used Volkswagen engines. I told him ‘no, that’s fine if you want to race with Carlin, go ahead’. And he has been under contract with Mercedes ever since.”

As for the presentation, Wolf was quick to say the following: “It was well made, although he was a bit nervous.” “He also looked a little more like an accountant than a racing driver.

“First was his resume along with his previous experiences. Then a page with his strengths, followed by one with his weaknesses, followed by how he wants to continue working on his weaknesses. “He also had a career road-map laid out, with his end goal being to drive for the Mercedes Formula 1 team. So he had it all planned out in his head back then already.”

What are your thoughts regarding this peculiar fact? Do you hope to see Russell as part of Mercedes soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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