New Renault 4ever EV confirmed to be in development
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New Renault 4ever EV confirmed to be in development. The maker has confirmed that it will revive the 4 monikers for a new retro-themed “timeless classic” electric car and it would be called by the name of 4ever.

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While we don’t have a lot of information about this new 4ever by Renault, the brand has revealed some information. It is said that the new 4ever would use the same CMF-BEV small-car platform as the 5 and is likely to be a similar size. But the 5 is conceived as a sporty hatch, the 4ever is likely to take the form of a compact crossover. Both, the 5 and 4ever, are set to benefit from a new battery and electric motor technology being developed by the Renault Group. The maker claims that this new technology on the CMF-BEV platform will enable it to reduce the cost of the 5 by 33 per cent, which is actually when it is compared to the similarly-sized Renault Zoe.

As for the battery, we don’t have much info either but to give you a rough idea we have mentioned it too. Both the Renault 5 and MeganE will be produced along with the 4ever. Renault has also agreed to a partnership with Envision AESC to build a battery factory in Douai, which will open in 2024 with an annual output of 9GWh and a plan to expand to 24GWh by 2030.

Additionally, Renault would also be working with the French start-up Verkor to develop a new high-performance battery for larger models. Now that would be built in a separate new plant that will open with 10GWh capacity and have the potential to increase that to 20GWh by 2030. Upon further investigation, we found that the batteries used in Renault vehicles will be standardised around nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMW) chemistry. 

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